© Emsworth Patient Participation Group 2021
Liz Dickson ’Lockdown fantasy’ £80
Vince Lavender ‘Abandoned Boats’ £75
Jan Copsey ‘Misty morning’ £95
Cilla Draper ‘calm morning ’ £60
chris doyle ‘Geese and Sunrise’ £40
chris doyle ‘Land, Sea, Air’ £40
chris doyle ‘Morning Walk’ £40
chris doyle ‘Spire and Downs’ £40
Liz Dickson ’Lockdown escapism’ £80
Liz Dickson ‘Lockdown dreams’ £80
Vince Lavender ‘Sunset Pink’ £75
Vince Lavender ‘Twilight Mooring £75
Vince Lavender ‘Sky on Fire £75
Vince Lavender ‘Winter harbour Emswoth marina £75
Nurses Corridor
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simon cowper ‘White house Water colour £150
Julie Turner ‘Close to Shore’ Limited edition giclee print £130
Julie Turner ‘Neap Tide’ Limited edition giclee print £130
Liz Reynolds ‘Morning Sunrise’ £65
linda eaton ‘Brook Meadow, Emsworth - Early Spring’ £50
Sheila Buckle ’passion for life’ £330
Sheila Buckle ’serrenity’ £350
Dbee Robinson ’Kuan Yin ~ Goddess of Mercy’ Chinese ink and watercolour on Rice paper, and backed in the authentic Chinese method £120
Slipper Suite
© Emsworth Patient Participation Group 2021
Jo Silcock ‘Emsworth View from Northney’ £600
Alex Poyner Emsworth harbour
Fabiola Knowles ‘Essendon’ £105
Cilla Draper ‘Four Horses’ £80
Jo Silcock ‘Headland Calm’ £250
Jo Silcock ‘Headland mist’ £250
Mike Evans ‘Murky Wood’ £165
Jan Copsey ‘moorings in the Harbour’ £95
Fabiola knowles ‘No 59 Tram’ £105
Sue Long ‘rough sea’ £170
Sue Long ‘Shore Line 1’ £170
Sue Long ‘Shore Line 2’ £170
Fabiola Knowles ‘Stocker’ £105
Julie Turner ‘wild carrots at eastney’ £130
Sue Long ‘summer’ £160
Simon Cowper ‘down the water’ Water colour £150
Simon Cowper ‘Untitled’ Water colour £150